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CompanyCEO's Message

CEO's Message

“Company specializing in aluminum casting,
          pioneering the market with the best technology and quality”


Sungwoo Auto Tech Co., Ltd is a specialized company that has supplied automotive parts manufactured with alunimum gravity casting techniques since its establishment in 2004.

The automotive parts produced by Sungwoo Auto Tech Co., Ltd. based on endless efforts for quality innovation are being used in renowned automobile companies at both home and abroad such as Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Ssangyong Motors, GM, Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW and others.

Recently, with the reinforcement of environment regulations with regards to automobiles, a new paradigm has been witnessed in the automotive industry such as hybrid cars, electric vehicles and others and following such, efforts on the research and development have doubled in the complete vehicle industry in order to lighten the weight. Such changes in the automobile market is offering new opportunities in lightweight automotive parts utilizing aluminum materials such as our company.

The executives and employees of Sungwoo Auto Tech are striving to create a competitive company by materializing customer satisfaction based on accumulated experience, technology as well as continuous change and innovation amidst the evolving automotive part industry and the customer demands whose standards continue to increase. As a company specializing in aluminum casting, we will pioneer the market so we seek for your interest and support.

Thank you for visiting Sungwoo Auto Tech.

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